Nurse convicted of killing two patients may have killed more

Posted August 29, 2017

A German nurse who was already convicted of murder may be responsible for the deaths of at least 84 patients, but possibly more, German authorities revealed Monday.

Niels H was charged in 2015 for the murders of two people along with two attempted murders at a clinic in the north-western town of Delmenhorst - though prosecutors have long presumed he killed more people and put the figure to 43 at least previous year.

However, the police have said that 90 more such murders have come to the fore after forensics experts exhumed and analysed more than 130 bodies.

Criminal acts Hegel noticed one of his colleagues back in 2005.

"The death toll is unique in the history of the German republic", chief police investigator Arne Schmidt said.

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"As if all that were not enough, we must realize that the real dimension of the killings by Hogel is likely many times worse", Oldenburg Police Chief Johann Kuhme said during the news conference. He added that Hoegel had targeted those in critical condition.

Hoegel was sentenced to 7½ years in prison on attempted murder charges for trying to give a patient an overdose of the drug in 2008 and then a life sentence in 2015 after he was found guilty on six murder counts for following through on others.

Toxicological reports for 41 individuals have not been finished, which implies the quantity of casualties could rise, police said. Numerous 40-year-old's suspected victims were cremated making the new investigation that much harder. He said he gave them lethal injections because he felt sorry for them. He overdosed the patients with heart medicine, according to the Associated Press Monday. And a investigation into neglect at the Oldenburg hospital is ongoing.

When the news hit the headlines, another woman approached the police with suspicions that her deceased mother was also murdered by Hoegel.

"The clinic in Oldenburg knew about the irregularities", said Kuehme.