IPhone 8 Charging Speed Test Shows Why Wireless Charger Sucks

Posted October 04, 2017

TechCrunch reports that the Apple Pay-like system was piloted during six home games starting September 22nd, only a few days after iOS 11's launch on the 19th.

FT reported that out of the Chinese consumers who plan to buy an iPhone, only 65.1 percent said that they will buy the latest iPhone devices compared to the 75.7 percent people who planned to buy the latest iPhone models a year ago.

Now armed with RBC's survey, which was earlier reported on by BGR, it appears that price isn't a problem for most customers. The survey also found that 64% of prospective iPhone buyers want the 2017 iPhones, but this is less compared to the 71% of prospective buyers who were surveyed previous year.

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Surging smartphone maker Huawei Technologies has for the first time surpassed Apple Inc.as the brand of choice for Chinese smartphone buyers, in the latest sign the USA giant is losing its luster in the world's largest market, according to a new survey. We've proved time and again that great experiences don't have to come at the expense of your privacy and security. In terms of now available chargers, we really consider that to be the sweet spot, but it isn't by a long shot the quickest charging available.

In a survey of 4,000 people, RBC Capital Markets discovered that 28 percent of respondents are planning to get their hands on the iPhone X at some point after the handset's launch on November 3. Even in comparison, the 8 is not much different than the 6 from three years ago. This is called "planned obsolescence" in technical parlance wherein a company slows down its product so that the consumer is forced to buy the new costlier one.

I just don't see any reason to buy this phone unless you really like iPhones and are just dying to get a new one. The study was a dud because Harvard guys found that there was a spike in Google searches for "iPhone slow", spike around the time of the release of a new model. Then there is the Face ID feature that surely made many people curious, especially those who want to possess the newest technology.