A three-year-old boy was left at a Utah corn maze Monday night

Posted October 12, 2017

The Division of Children and Family Services is investigating after a 3-year-old boy was left in a corn maze overnight and was not reported for almost 12 hours.

West Jordan Police Sgt. Joe Monson said authorities received a call from the mother about 7:45 a.m. Tuesday, anxious she had left her son in the maze overnight. "She realized she may have left him at the corn maze and called us". The woman contacted authorities, and when the boy could not be identified, he spent the night with child protective services.

"They had staff out with bullhorns announcing they had found a child, they waited at the gate, but no one showed up for the child", Monson said.

The Utah boy has now been reunited with his family after getting separated from a big group of people and getting lost Monday, KUTV of Salt Lake City is reporting.

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"The fact that it took so long for them to realize the child was missing - was it purely an accident?"

Officials said the child and his family live in a home shared with other families. A police officer took the boy to her vehicle and played a movie for him, Fox 13 Salt Lake City reported.

No citations or charges have been filed as of yet, according WJPD Sgt. Monson, but the case is still being investigated.