Hungry? Now You Can Order Food Directly Through Facebook

Posted October 15, 2017

It's partnering with existing food-specific services like EatStreet,, DoorDash, Slice, Zuppler, ChowNow and Olo, along with standalone options such as Jack in the Box, Five Guys, Papa John's, Wingstop, TGI Friday's, Denny's, Chipotle, El Pollo Loco, Jimmy John's, and Panera. You head to the new "Order Food" section of Facebook, find the local spot you're craving, and then hit "start order".

Food delivery apps is a saturated market but Facebook, with 240 million users in the United States, aims to offer a more convenient service without the hassle of switching apps.

A year back, the company said its U.S. users would be able to order food through restaurants' Facebook page.

The new addition has been in testing since 2016, Facebook says.

People already go to Facebook to figure out what to eat by reading about nearby restaurants, and seeing what their friends say about them. "First you need to decide what to eat, then you have to sift through a bunch of options and services", according to a post by Facebook executive Alex Himel on Friday.

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"Ordering food on Facebook can help [users] not have to spend energy sifting through different food ordering services for a night in after a long week, discover new restaurants when traveling or grab lunch at work or between activities so they don't have to slow down", the spokeswoman said.

What's more, you'd still have to log in to any accounts you already have with a delivery service. The new service is rolling out today on iOS, Android, and via the web. This provides the user with a one-stop shop to look at everything you can have delivered to your home, rather than having to visit individual apps and websites.

Do you think we will start downloading actual food from the Internet some day?

Nothing really seems to set the service apart from every other food delivery site other than the fact that it's linked to your Facebook profile, though the provider aggregation could prove convenient. Once you choose one of the services, that is when the actual ordering takes place.