LEGO Ideas 21312 Women of NASA unveiled [News]

Posted October 19, 2017

A new "Women of NASA" Lego set will be available starting November 1, and astronaut Sally Ride will be included in the set, making her the first lesbian immortalized as one of the iconic brand's Minifigures.

The set will also include Sally Ride, Nancy Grace Roman and Margaret Hamilton, all key figures in the NASA program. Anderson and Sertillanges went to great lengths to capture specific details in the Lego recreations of these space icons, including how Sally Ride's name tag says just "Sally", which is in keeping with a request she actually made in real life. Hamilton, the computer scientist responsible for developing software for space missions, comes with her own science lab and books reminiscent of the Apollo Guidance Computer.

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Lego was unable to obtain the necessary approval to include African-American mathematician Katherine Johnson in its new collection celebrating women of NASA. "But my overall vision is still very much alive with Lego's final design, and the builds have been beautifully enhanced thanks to the creative team in Billund - where, I might add, the lead designers on this project were all women!" Lego says the set will be available for order starting on November 1st, but if you happen to be in NY on October 28th, the Flatiron District Lego Store will have them available early, and Weinstock will be present for a fan signing.

As well as the awesome mini-figurines of the pioneering women from the space agency, you get mini versions of the space shuttle Challenger and the Hubble Space Telescope as part of the 231-piece set. She submitted her idea to the company's Lego Ideas community site, where people enter and vote on ideas, in July of 2016. And today, Lego has finally taken the wraps off what the finished set will look like. The primarily minifigure set has 231 pieces, and will retail for $24.99 Dollars. Called "Women of NASA", the new building set pays tribute to four of the most impactful women in the agency's history.