Classified JFK assassination files will become public, Trump announces in a tweet

Posted October 23, 2017

Thousands of previously unseen files on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy are about to be released - unredacted.

However, Politico reported that the officials acknowledged, "a slim possibility that the always-unpredictable Trump could decide at the last minute to release all the remaining JFK files held at the Archives - tens, if not hundreds of thousands, of pages of long-secret documents - but said it was highly unlikely, especially because of concern that documents from the 1990s might expose relatively recent American intelligence and law-enforcement operations".

In all, the National Archives will release 3,000 never-before-seen documents Thursday, and 30,000 documents that were previously released, but only in part.

Mr Trump is no stranger to conspiracy theories, including those involving the Kennedy assassination.

"It's going to be very interesting to see what else the government knew about the threat Oswald might pose - how much more they learned about his trip in Mexico City and whether or not they bungled evidence to suggest he was a threat", Mr Shenon told the ABC. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.) had been with accused assassin Lee Harvey Oswald before the shooting, a suggestion that offended and angered Cruz, who called then candidate Trump a "pathological liar".

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The President, no stranger to conspiracy theories himeslf, may also have a personal interest in some of the released documents. It found that Oswald, who was shot and killed by Texas nightclub owner Jack Ruby two days after Kennedy's assassination, acted alone when he mortally wounded the 35th president.

During the 2016 campaign, Trump insinuated that Sen.

A 2013 poll of Americans by Gallup found that 61 per cent of the population believed other people were involved in the plot to kill the President other than Oswald, although that was the lowest in nearly 50 years.

Experts say that they're not expecting any bombshell revelations in the documents.

Trump's tweet appears as though he's leaning towards a complete release documents, but The Post reported that he may stop short of fully disclosing all the information if the security establishment provides good cause. It sheds very bad light on the deep state, ' he said.