Nintendo Switch Works With GameCube Controllers

Posted October 26, 2017

In the console's latest system update, support for the classic controllers was added with no announcement. Since the Switch doesn't have GameCube controller ports (remember the good old days of proprietary controller connectors?), you'll need to use some kind of adapter to get it to work.

Regardless, this is great news and is solid evidence to support that Nintendo may be getting actual GameCube Virtual Console games ready for the Switch.

The only real issue is that the GameCube controller doesn't have all the same buttons as the Joy-Cons, which will make some games more hard or impossible to play. First of all, the Nintendo Gamecube was the last Nintendo console to feature a standard controller.

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The other interesting thing about this news is that it ties into rumors of a new version of Super Smash Bros. coming to the Switch. These were sold for Wii U and can be plugged into the Switch dock. Plus if people like using it for Smash Bros. maybe they'll start using it for games like Pokken Tournament. Assuming you can get your Switch to recognize your GameCube controllers, you can then use them to play presumably any of the Switch's games - in GameXplain's video, for instance, we see Fire Emblem Warriors played with one.

To this day, the GameCube controller is often cited by most Smash players as being the best way to play a game within the series. In our newest video we give 1 vs. 1 (COM), 1 vs. 1 and 2 vs. 2 a try while juggling a few GameCube controllers. What is nice about the implementation on the Switch is that support is not limited to a single game.