Razer Gaming Smartphone Launched

Posted November 03, 2017

For starters, it's about the design. Razer has swapped the Robin's bright blue-and-white plastic shell for a matte black aluminium one.

It has dual front-facing, Dolby Atmos speakers with high-end dual amplifiers. Razer has built some genuinely good gaming laptops, but the smartphone market is harder to break into, particularly given how competitive the space is already.

The phone has dual front-facing speakers.

I've be a little anxious about grit being caught in that speaker grill.

Simply put, familiarity that Nova Launcher has in tow would greatly surpass any custom launcher Razer could develop, thus we'd say that's an excellent move.

On the back there's a dual-sensor camera with one 12MP f/1.75 aperture and one 13MP f/2.6 with a 2x fixed zoom. Razer's headphone audio here is provided by a USB-C converter since it does not have a headphone jack, mind you.

Razer skipped the OLED display, which makes it a neat alternative to anything Samsung is doing.

Why was ghosting a concern?

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"Its features are 5.7" QHD (2K) IGZO LCD display, 8GB RAM, wide color gamut and 120Hz refresh rate. But that highlights another oddity-technologies like G-Sync and FreeSync don't typically engage above a certain refresh rate because the advantages of both shrink the higher the native frame rate. The company's UltraMotion display is expected to deliver smooth graphics and synchronize with the phone's graphics processing unit to reduce display lag.

That frame rate is insane. The operating system is Android Nougat, with Razer noting that the phone will get the Android Oreo upgrade next year. The framerate never dropped below 80. In this way, you can set the resolution, CPU speed, anti-aliasing on a game and the frame rate.

Razer Inc, a Singapore-based American company that specialises in computer hardware specifically for gamers has made its entry into the world of smartphones.

Razer is partnering with Square Enix, Tencent and others to provide exciting and competitive gaming to smartphones.

There is a discernible difference going up from 60hz to 120hz not so much in visuals but in the handling of the phone. So you can do 30 on something like Twitter or Facebook and 120 on Final Fantasy XV.

While all the major brands like Samsung, LG and Apple have been making smartphones for almost a decade now, they were always focused on the average consumer and never found the inclination to cater to a niche crowd. While there are no official points of interest, the GFXbench posting uncovered the key determinations of the Razer's first ever cell phone. It will be sold in Microsoft brick-and-mortar stores so there's a chance to woo some of the Microsoft obsessives, but let's be honest, this is a weird time to enter the phone market. The Razer Phone will be released on 17 November.

The device is the first endeavor to create a pure gaming smartphone.