Uber Bans Bigot Laura Loomer Over Islamophobic Tweets About Drivers

Posted November 04, 2017

Right wing activist Laura Loomer has been banned from Uber after she tweeted about her inability to find a auto driven by a "non Muslim".

And when reporter and right-wing activist Laura Loomer tweeted a picture of two women wearing hijabs as they walked along Greenwich Street in NY, which is close to the location of the attacks, she.let rip.

Uber told Business Insider that they banned Loomer because she violated their community guidelines, which everyone is required to follow when they use their service.

She's been banned by Uber and Lyft.

Loomer released numerous posts on Twitter about Muslims on Tuesday and Wednesday, accusing passersby in hijabs of enjoying the attack in NY and complaining that taxi and ride-sharing companies hired extremists.

United States to Pakistan: Act against terrorists or we will
However, he added that Pakistan's side conveyed that Pakistan's influence on Afghan Taliban has been reduced which is diminishing gradually, as they have been relocated.

Following the attack, Loomer complained she was late to a press conference because she could not find a non-Muslim Uber driver. "You'd think they'd have the decency to not walk around in hijabs @ cross street of the attack".

It is important to note that Uber's application doesn't display religion of drivers.

Meanwhile, others pointed out and challenged Islamophobic responses to the attack. Saipov has now been charged with federal terrorism offenses - one count of providing material support to terrorists and another of violence and destruction of a motor vehicle causing death. She and a friend have already filed another suit against Uber, claiming that a Muslim driver refused to transport them after he heard them talking about Rosh Hashanah.

Loomer has threatened to take legal action against Uber and accused it and Lyft of hiring "terrorists" and "rapists". On Tuesday, he rented the pickup truck with no intention of returning it and planned to not just drive through Lower Manhattan but all the way to the south of Brooklyn Bridge. It noted that riders could also potentially be banned from Uber for making "comments or gestures that are aggressive, sexual, discriminatory or disrespectful".

Federal prosecutors said Saipov was "consumed by hate and a twisted ideology" when he attacked.