Netflix subscribers targeted in yet another email scam

Posted November 07, 2017

Netflix Inc. customers are being warned about a new targeted email scam to steal their credit card information.

The letter looks a valid email from the streaming company and convinces customers to update their information including personal and credit card information.

Flagged late last week by Mailguard, the new email scam comes in a phishing email that's been meticulously created to look like it came straight from Netflix itself, using the company logo and everything. The fake email with the subject line of "Your suspension notification", is hitting the mailboxes of users only to get at their sensitive financial information.

In screenshots obtained by the company, the emails tell subscribers that they were unable to validate their billing information for the next cycle of their subscription and that their membership will be suspended if they don't take action within 48 hours.

If you click that link, you're taken to what appears to be the Netflix login page, but it has a different URL.

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The subscriber is then asked to give their log-in information, credit card number.

Deadline shared a copy of one of the emails, and it looks professionally done and the email is personalized, which obviously makes subscribers think it's from Netflix, although it's not from a Netflix email address.

Netflix did not immediately respond to request for comment.

Already 110 million Netflix subscribers have been targeted, Deadline reports.

MailGuard called the phishing scam "relatively well designed" because of its ability to generate "individualized messages with specific recipient data".