Syrian troops encircle last Islamic State-held town

Posted November 09, 2017

The commander added that Iraqi Popular Mobilisation Forces also took part in the capture of Albu Kamal, located in Syria near the Iraqi border on the Euphrates river.

A video published on a YouTube account affliated with the pro-government forces shows Syrian Army soldiers and allied forces from various militia groups as well as Hezbollah fighters celebrating their victory in Abu Kamal.

The victory in al-Bukamal comes hours after the army started storming the city, which was the last IS stronghold in that part of the country near the Iraqi border.

Abadi visited Qaim and the nearby Husaybah border crossing in Western Iraq on Sunday, al-Iraqiya TV said, raising the Iraqi flag.

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According to USA Today, the ISIS previously roamed the cities of Iraq and Syria riding in tanks and presenting themselves as an easy target for US -backed coalition airstrikes.

The Syrian army took full control of the city of Abu-Kemal, which is the last polatom the terrorist group "Islamic state" in the country, reports RIA Novosti. Baghdadi was long rumored dead but apparently appeared in a recent voice recording released in late September.

According to Al-Abadi, Iraqi forces are now in control of oil refineries in the north. Pro-government forces were also mobilized last month to check a failed Kurdish bid for independence. Both the Syrian and Iraqi militaries, along with their allied militias and respective global sponsors, have largely defeated ISIS, but parts of Syria remain under rebel and Kurdish control.