Three Chinese students hurt in vehicle attack in south France

Posted November 11, 2017

French Police have reported that a vehicle has deliberately driven into group of students near the south-western French city of Toulouse, injuring three.

French police told the AFP news agency that the man driving the Renault Clio was arrested immediately afterwards in Blagnac, in the Haute-Garonne region.

Three of the school's students, reportedly Chinese nationals, sustained injuries during the incident.

French police clarified however, that the 28-year-old driver is not on a security watch-list and after an investigation the public prosecutor said there are no indications that the auto attack was an act of terrorism.

The driver has a history of mental illness, the interior ministry said in a statement.

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Two of the injured are in a serious condition. They were all transported to the hospital. He was known to the police but not to terrorist affairs.

The suspect tried to flee the scene but police stopped him.

Toulouse Prosecutor Pierre-Yves Couilleau said Friday evening that two students remained hospitalized and one had left the hospital.

Paul, a communications student at IGS Campus, told La Depeche: "I was in class and I heard sirens".