Here's the one way to legally stream Taylor Swift's 'reputation' (sort of)

Posted November 12, 2017

Swift has had a rocky relationship with since 2009 after he interrupted her MTV VMAs acceptance speech to note that Beyoncé should have won the award instead of her. But in the summer of 2016, Kanye released his hit track "Famous", in which he referred to Swift as "that bitch", said he still might have sex with her, and took credit for her rise to fame.

The singer released her album on Friday (November 10), and the listening party is just getting started. The rest is pop culture history.

"Call It What You Want" became all-the-more endearing as Swift plucked at her acoustic guitar, backed up by a small group of vocalists, another guita, and cello.

Swift came out of the gate swinging on Reputation's lead single Look What You Made Me Do, with lyrics like "I don't like your little games / Don't like your tilted stage" that seemed directed at West, the rapper who reignited their feud when he unceremoniously included Swift's name in his Famous lyrics. She could be addressing this with the line in the song: "I'm shaking my head, I'm locking the gates". Both Future and Sheeran pass their homework assignment of making sure to work the word "reputation" into their verses with flying colors-I mean, have you heard how big these reputations are? She even sits in a bathtub full of diamonds while miming a gun with her hand, causing some people to wonder if she was savagely mocking Kim's traumatic Paris robbery in which she was tied up at gunpoint and left in a bathtub. "She said she didn't know it was the anniversary of Kanye's mom's death? / Most fun I ever had / And I'll do it over and over and over again if I could".

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The song is sung in autotune, one of Kanye's favorite musical styles.

Right now, that's the best we're gonna get.

This track opens with Swift reflecting on just how great life was before the tables turned against her.

It doesn't take a detective to decipher that Swift is referring to the infamous phone call over the lyrics to his song "Famous", which involved Kim Kardashian West leaking an conversation between the Grammy victor and her husband last summer. But there was something endearing about the whole thing: you had to give it to Swift and Martin for taking it there, even if "there" wasn't an especially cool place to take it.