Magnitude 7.2 quake shakes Halabjah, Iraq

Posted November 13, 2017

The quake on Sunday measured 6.5 magnitude, the official said according to preliminary results.

"Four people were killed by the earthquake" in Darbandikhan, the Iraqi town's mayor Nasseh Moulla Hassan told AFP.

At least six people have been killed by a major quake that shook a large area on the Iran-Iraq border 217 miles north of Baghdad on Sunday, Iranian state TV reported according to The Independent.

The quake's epicenter was located 32 kilometers north of the Iranian city of Sarpol-e Zahab and 100 kilometers southeast of Iraq's Sulaumaniyah at a depth of ten kilometers. Faramarz Akbari, governor of the Iranian city of Ghasr-e Shirin, said that six people had died and scores more injured, according to the state-run IRNA news agency.

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Across the border in Iran, state TV said several people were killed and many others injured when at least eight border villages were damaged.

Iran's semi-official Iranian ILNA news agency says at least 14 Iranian provinces were affected.

It was so strong that it was felt in various cities in Western Iran and even Tehran, and also in the neighbouring countries, particularly Kuwait.

In southeastern Turkey, the natural disaster was felt "from Malatya to Van", an AFP correspondent said. In the town of Diyarbakir, locals also left their homes before returning.