LeBron, Cavs Hop on NYC Subway; One Rider Is Not Impressed

Posted November 14, 2017

Kristaps Porzingis voiced his support for Frank Ntilikina after LeBron James said that the Knicks should've drafted Dennis Smith Jr. Additionally, Ntilikina isn't going to spend much time thinking about what James said.

James also said he doesn't have any issues with the Knicks' organization. "Dallas is definitely, I know they're excited that he didn't go there", James said. The Knicks took umbrage to the remarks on Sunday, perceiving them as a shot at Knicks rookie Frank Ntilikina, who was selected one spot ahead of Smith.

Following Monday morning shootaorund at Madison Square Garden, the Cleveland Cavaliers didn't want to sit in bumper-to-bumper NY traffic just to get back to the team hotel.

The Cleveland Cavaliers superstar angered a New York City subway rider Monday during the National Basketball Association team's unlikely underground journey. We're competitors and we try to get all the wins we can get. James and the Cavaliers play the Knicks on Monday night.

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"It doesn't matter if it's LeBron or whoever it is, I can not just let him disrespect him like that". I can not just let (James) disrespect (Ntilikina) like that. "The coaches, the GMs, the president, this organization knows what they're doing". I see rivalry with all the teams in the league.

"I'm not a Phil Jackson fan, I think you guys already know that", James said. I have to prove to the team.

"I don't care, it doesn't matter LeBron or whoever it is". It's all about me and it's all about the team.

Since then Smith has looked like far better pick - Smith is averaging 14.2 points per game to Ntilikina's 4.7, Smith has the ball in his hands and has been the more efficient shooter (although neither is efficient), and Smith has looked like a potential future star while Ntilikina has looked like a project.