Thirsty Donald Trump drinks water. Twitter has a laugh riot

Posted November 17, 2017

President Donald Trump's desperate search for a bottle of water during a speech from the White House on Wednesday - a bottle that ended up being right in front of him - was way too rich of an opportunity for ridicule.

Trump grabbed for it, seeming to keep it away from his body and out of camera view as he unscrewed the cap before taking some gulps, reminiscent of another ill-fated political water bottle sip by Sen.

"Wow, that is hard to watch".

Between spewing out hateful messages on Twitter, derogatory comments about women, immigrants and Democratic voters, it's no surprise Donald Trump is in need of some water once in a while to wet his whistle. Marco Rubio - which Trump had mocked.

Chris Sosa is a managing editor at AlterNet.

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Thirsty Trump reached for the bottle of water and sipped.

Trump was only a few minutes into his White House speech summarising his just-completed trip to Asia when he bent down to reach for water on a lower shelf of the podium.

Mr Rubio jokingly tweeted that Mr Trump had to work on his water drinking technique after the live announcement on Thursday.

Next time Marco Rubio should drink his water from a glass as opposed to a bottle-would have much less negative impact.

Trump ensured that the moment followed Rubio throughout the 2016 campaign, making mention of it several times on the campaign trail. Giving the Republican response, Rubio lunged for a drink of bottled water during the televised address - all while keeping his gaze on the camera - and later laughed it off as a case of dry mouth.