Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp launches worldwide on November 22

Posted November 21, 2017

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp itself is a mobile game where you play as the owner of a new camping site, improving it over time by interacting with its happy campers and completing quests for them.

Nintendo's next mobile game will be here just in time for the holidays.

Last month, Nintendo revealed that Animal Crossing was heading to mobile devices, with a tentative release window of "late November". The game also gives you access to a camper that sort of acts like a smaller house that you can decorate.

Pre-registration for the game is also now available for both platforms.

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The game takes place in real time, so the game world reflects the time and even the season in the real world. Although many hallmarks of Animal Crossing are present in Pocket Camp, it's basically a distilled version of the main series.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp will land on the iPhone and Android on Wednesday the 22nd of November.

As usual for an Animal Crossing game, you'll be able to collect a seemingly endless amount of trinkets through activities like fishing, bug hunting, and food gathering. The game will be free to download and play, but microtransactions will be present allowing you to purchase Leaf Tickets.

It all looks delightful, in that typical Animal Crossing style, and we're quite surprised at how fully-featured the spin-off appears to be - there's none of the one-button antics of Super Mario Run here. The Leaf Tickets can also be earned through gameplay without buying them.