Wild Melee Breaks Out Between Raiders and Broncos

Posted November 27, 2017

It should be no wonder Raiders wide receiver Michael Crabtree tried to get ejected from a game against Aqib Talib and the Broncos on Sunday. He kept blocking Talib even on the sidelines, which led to other players getting physical on the sideline.

Crabtree and Talib have a history with each other, stemming from an incident between the players last season.

When the altercation did finally subside, both the receiver and cornerback were ejected from the contest. Raiders players began pushing the Denver players circled around Crabtree, leading to a brawl between the teams.

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Crabtree and Talib were in the middle of the type of huge brawl you won't see too often in the NFL. The same fate could await Jackson, who was replaced by Jon Feliciano, and Crabtree and Talib are subject to fines.

Crabtree was still engaged with Talib at the time and continued to pull him onto the Broncos sideline and eventually drove him to the ground. I can't react, or they kick me out of the game and I'm the bad guy. Raiders offensive lineman Gabe Jackson was also ejected for shoving a game official. Talib had to go by the Oakland bench to get to the locker room.