New Google app Datally promises better data management and save data costs

Posted December 02, 2017

Most users rated it as 3/10 which is definitely a downer considering that other apps of its kind are getting 8/10.

So as consumers, we often look for ways to save those extra few megabytes of our mobile data by either reducing our usage or simply switching it off altogether.

A simple but powerful and aptly named Photo Editor is the year's most popular new Play Store app, followed by the hilarious What The Forecast?! weather title, the free version of Boomerang's official Android app, TopBuzz Video for easy-to-find viral videos and amusing GIFs, and finally, Yarn - Chat Fiction, which isn't exactly well-reviewed, but it must be oft-downloaded.

In the latest update to their Google Play Developer policy, Google has begun advising developers that apps that display ads in the lockscreen, unless that app is for a lockscreen, will no longer be allowed on the Play Store. The only limitation is that if users want to use a blocked app again, you have to switch off the Data saver mode or you will have to go back to the app management page and allow that particular app to use mobile data.

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Datally can help users identify and block apps which are using more data. Datally requires regular monitoring by users, which can be annoying, but for users who are on slower mobile networks or have limited data cap, it can be helpful. Google launched a new app called "Datally" to help you understand where your mobile data is consumed, while also letting you manage and save data. Datally seems to be built for these people as it provides for a more elaborate means of controlling data usage.

I install a tonne of apps on my phone.

She said that directions were also given for one to be able to locate the Wi-Fi and once one was connected to a network, it was important to rate it in order to help others in the Datally community find great Wi-Fi. Moreover, you can see the list of all the apps and the data eaten by the relevant apps. Having a separate app would help you in setting up restrictions for data usage as well. For this, Datally also offers a blocking feature on an app-to-app basis. Of course, a lot of other apps have the same functions so it has become redundant in a way.

The data usage metrics integrated into the Datally app helps you to learn about the data usage, history including trends separated by either time or by each app.