Israel strikes a Syrian military base

Posted December 03, 2017

Israeli missiles struck a military position near Damascus and Syria's air defence system responded on Saturday, destroying two of them, Syrian state television said.

UK-based monitoring group - the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, earlier reported explosions near Damascus, which it said were caused by a suspected Israeli missile attack.

An Israeli military spokeswoman declined to comment on reports of the attack.

In his first public statement after Shabbat following an Israeli air strike on an Iranian military base outside Damascus, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a statement in English condemning the Islamic Republic's presence in Syria. Details of the attack are still unclear, as the first reports were in the Israeli media, and within a matter of hours were removed. According to the reports, Syrian forces fired back at the Israeli forces.

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Israel has acknowledged carrying out repeated air and missile strikes in Syria since the beginning of the war six years ago in order to stop arms deliveries to Hizballah.

Israel has grown deeply alarmed by Iran's expanding clout during the conflict, and has warned it would act against any threat from its regional foe Tehran.

The BBC reported last month that Iran was building a permanent military base near the town.

Iran and Lebanon's Hizballah movement are allied with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. In 1967, Israel took control of the Golan Heights.