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Home Damage From Flooding

Flood Water Damage Can Ruin Your Home

Among all types of disasters that can hit your home, flood water could leave the most damaging and long-lasting effect.  The force of the rushing water and afterward the murky and muddy water that is left behind does not leave anything untouched and will surely leave its permeating presence.  Flood water can seep into fibers, and woodwork and even the concrete structures.  Aside from the structural and material damage, there is also the danger of getting various diseases brought about by mold and mildew development and other disease-causing bacteria, not to mention insects and other animals that thrive in dirty water.  Generally, time is of the essence here.  It is important to take precaution before entering your flood-damaged home.  This is why it is highly advisable to get the services of a professional water damage restoration company. They know all the hazards involved in flood water damage cleanup.  It will be helpful for you to know more about the damages that flood water can do to your home.

Flood Water Invites Mold and Mildew Development

Flood Damage

One terrible effect of stagnant, contaminated floodwater is that it can host some bacteria and other microorganisms that can cause life-threatening diseases.  Molds and mildews can cause immunity disorders, allergies, lung problem as well as cancer.  The wet surfaces plus the humidity sets the ideal condition for mold and mildew growth.  These fungi grow very fast within 24 hours, so it is essential to start the cleanup job immediately.

The Home Structure Can Also Be Affected By Flood Water

The next danger that flood water poses is it weakens the house’s structure.  Water can permeate even the smallest cracks and breaks it wide open which affects the stability and durability of your home’s structure.  It is not unusual to see swelling, warping, and disfiguration of woodwork and walls after being exposed to flood water for some time.  The telltale sign of weakened structure may not always be apparent to an untrained eye.  Only a professional can see the damage and implement the necessary restoration process. Your water damage restoration company can render you two important services: cleanup and restoration.

Take Care Re-entering a Flooded Property

If you return to your home without having it checked first by professionals, you run the risk of injuring yourself or causing further damage to your house.  You can also be contaminated by mildew and mold growth that are not readily visible to untrained eyes.  Entrust the cleanup and restoration of your flood-damaged home to your local water damage restoration contractor to eliminate the dangers of being injured or becoming sick.  Your home insurer can provide you with more information on the most reputable restoration companies in your locality.